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04 October 2010 @ 07:09 pm

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04 October 2010 @ 07:06 pm

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26 September 2010 @ 11:16 pm

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During this Chuseok holiday, a film has already managed to bring in six million moviegoers, and three other films have recorded one million in attendance as well.

According to reports by the Korean Film Council on September 26th, Wonbin’s “The Man From Nowhere” recorded 320,000 tickets sold over Chuseok, bringing the total up to 5.98 million since its release on September 4th.  From the 16th through the 25th, about 32,000 Koreans have been visiting the theaters every single day. The council predicts that “The Man From Nowhere” will reach six million by today, making it the highest box-office draw of the year.

Mujeokja” took first at the box office during Chuseok with a 1,157,498 member audience. Second was “Cyrano Agency” with 1,150,052 tickets sold. “Action,” which was released a week before both of the aforementioned films, recently managed to hit the one million mark, with 774,242 viewers  having watched it over Chuseok, bringing the total to 1,568,176.

One of the most important points is that the top five ranking includes three Korean movies, and a total of six are ranked in top 10. Although a lot of foreign films were released at the time, it seems as if Korean films have managed to capture the hearts of moviegoers.

Source + Photos: Sports World
Credit: Allkpop

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Former child actors and actresses have difficulty casting off their childlike image. This image becomes a double-edged sword for them: it can work as an advantage, but it can also become an obstacle in their long-term acting careers, as a young image limits the kind of roles an one can obtain.

It is no doubt an advantage to have gained exposure through many productions over a long period of time. This allows actors to approach the audience easily with their familiarity and allows them to gradually grow from experience.

However, a fixed image traps adult actors in a stereotype and makes transformation difficult. To the viewers who have watched the child actors act and grow on-screen, these actors will often become instilled in their minds as little gentlemen and ladies. If the now-grown up actors cannot overcome this obstacle, they have no choice but to give up their acting careers.

Kim Jung Hoon, who tried to transform into an adult actor after being immensely popular under the nickname “little gentleman” during his childhood, failed to find his place as an adult actor. Other former child actors also disappeared after failing to capture the viewers’ attention as adults.

For this reason, some actors are choosing options such as physical exposure to shatter their childlike image.

For example, Kang Hye Jung, who played the role of Eun Shil’s older sister in the drama “Eun Shil“, casted off her childlike image through participating in sexual scenes in the film “Old Boy“. Stripping down, especially for actresses, has become the most certain method for discarding their child actor image altogether.

However, some actors are gaining interest for choosing not to do shocking, sexual scenes and instead deciding to slowly mold into adult characters.

Moon Geun Young, who appeared as the child version of heroine Eun Suh in “Autumn in My Heart“, is one of them. After this role, Moon chose roles that gradually increased the age of her characters by participating in films such as “The Tale of Two Sisters“, “My Little Bride“, “Innocent Steps“, and most recently in the drama “Cinderella’s Sister“. By growing on-screen within her various characters, Moon was able to grow naturally as an actress also.

It is the same case with actress Park Shin Hye, who will portray relationship coach Min Young in the upcoming film “Cyrano Agency“.

She stated through her recent interview with OSEN, “There is no need to transform in one fell swoop. I did not try to appear too grown up in this film either. I thought it would be better to change slowly, bit by bit, so as to not pressure the viewers.” For this reason, Park focused on portraying her character as someone who is still youthful but contains a measure of toughness.

There is much anticipation for the future of these intelligent actresses who wisely decided not to rashly hurry into things.

15 September 2010 @ 11:15 pm

On a recent broadcast of MBC’s Come To Play, Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk suggested to Park Shin Hye that they should work together as radio DJs.

Park Shin Hye revealed, ‘I had an experience being a radio DJ once, but it was very difficult. Super Junior’s radio show was after mine, and it was really good… I also dream of being a radio DJ. I want to know Leeteuk’s tricks of the trade.

Leeteuk cleverly responded with, ‘It’s hard, but if you work with me, it’ll be easy.’

When asked about Eunhyuk, who is currently working as a radio DJ with him, Leeteuk expressed, ‘It’s time for him to quit‘, which aroused much laughter in the studio.

Do you think Leeteuk and Park Shin Hye would be good DJs together?

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15 September 2010 @ 11:10 pm

Recent photos of Park Shin Hye attending a premiere for her new movie, Cyrano, sparked up an interesting topic amongst netizens.

Park Shin Hye attended this premiere along with the three other main actors. At this event, Park Shin Hye was seen looking just a bit heavier than she used to be.

Personally, I don’t really see the differe
nce, but the netizens do, and you know they always believe they’re right.

Sure, she doesn’t look like a stick thin girl group member, but she looks beautiful with her normal figure.

Netizens commented,

“She’s always been like that.”
“Her thighs …They are like a street fighter’s thighs.”
“But her face is pretty. It’s okay because she’s good at acting. She’s pretty even though she gained weight.”
“It’s nicer to look at her than disgustingly skinny actresses.”
“I guess she’s the type of person that gains weight even by drinking just water.”

Who do you agree with?

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09 September 2010 @ 10:38 am


The romantic comedy movie, ‘Cyrano Agency‘, which revolves around a dating agency, had its VIP premiere this evening in Seoul where Uhm Tae Woong, Lee Min Jung, Choi Daniel, and Park Shin Hye attended to meet the media and fans.

Fellow celebrities arrived for the VIP premiere, which included Son Ye Jin, Uhm Jung Hwa, Yoo In Na, Go Ara, Hong Soo Ah, Cha Ye Ryun, Jang Geun Suk, Im Seulong, and 

The movie will open officially from September 16th in cinemas.


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Manga-inspired new show "Hayate Nogotoku" by GTV, which recently confirmed Park Shin Hye as the female lead, finally decided on the male lead to be George Hu from "K.O.3an Guo", a show produced by GTV that had received remarkable viewership. Park Shin Hye revealed that she is currently learning Chinese diligently, and George Hu had commented Shin Hye to be "ladylike, thin, and also cute". However, their translator has been playing gooseberry in the middle throughout their conversations.
George Hu has to display extraordinary physical fitness and well-versed in martial arts, thus he has begun frequenting the gym and the swimming pool. He said that, "I'm very confident about fighting! Even if it requires me to hang on steel wires (note: those scenes whereby the actors/actresses have to "fly" around)." The only thing that will deter him to work during winter, which gives him the shudders, fears about being frozen.

Note: this is a Japanese comic that the Taiwan TV company has adopted.

Credit: Yahoo Taiwan News & Randy@park-shin-hye.com

George Hu is Park Shin Hye's combat butler
Written by: fufu on 8/30/2010 @ CpopAccess.com
GTV has just announced a new idol drama starring Korean actress Park Shin Hye and Taiwanese actor George Hu from K.O.3an Guo. The drama will be an adaptation of the popular manga/anime series “Hayate the Combat Butler” (????).

GTV is reportedly going to be paying for all expenses including plane tickets, hotel rooms and meals for the actress as well as her manager and assistant. She will also be bringing her own personal hair and makeup artist along during the two month filming period.

In preparing for the role, George Hu has been put under extensive training such as practicing martial arts, dancing, as well as singing. As the all-purpose combat butler, George is confident in showcasing not only his fighting skills, but also his ability to do house chores, “I’m great at cleaning the house. I’m also okay at cooking.” He even revealed that he once thought of becoming a chef too.

When Park Shin Hye visited Taiwan in the beginning of August, she met with George and had a hot pot dinner together. They didn't interact much due to the language barrier. George described Park Shin Hye as being “very quiet, skinny, and very cute," and looks forward to working with her.

As for GTV's other high profile project, "Extravagant Challenge", they have yet to make an official announcement on when filming will begin. Despite recent casting rumors, there was no mention of the drama's participation in the upcoming Taipei Television Festival. In addition to "Hayate", Meteor Garden producer Angie Chai will also promote her remake of "My Girl" starring Jimmy Lin at the showcase.
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